I recently ran into another problem

A new friend of mine is in not just one, but two mlm’s now. Isagenex, and Silpadia jewelry. There are so many things I want to tell her for example, “stay away”. She just spammed me on Facebook, uhg. I don’t want to be the ugly duckling, but I am just wondering which approach to use on her? I want to save her time, money and stress. What do people use that works for new friends and first time mlm’ers still in the lime light of the mlm companies? I believe that companies like Isagenex can be dangerous not just to your wallet, but to your health. It’s a cleansing program. I am a nutritional consultant and I have been in the industry for 20 years. No one cleanse can help every one just like no one fad diet is for everyone. Not to mention these products are extremely expensive. There are plenty of good, cheaper cleansing products out on the market today.

I do remember one post that someone said to point out the business model and spill the beans that way. I just am getting to know this girl. Florida payday loans online http://paydayloansfloridaonline.biz/ should I listen to the whole schpeel and point out the faulty biz model or tell her something else, or just wait for the right moment? Otherwise, she is a nice person and I will still be her friend. If all she does is talk about Isagenex, in the future, then that maybe the drawing board for me.

Just for a quick reminder, I was dating a guy that was involved with Primerica

I finally got the guts to break up with him. He then got very weird. He started dating someone 1 week after we broke up. He went to all my friends with pictures of his new girl and talk about how wonderful she was.

Anyway to make a long story short, I moved away and blocked his email address. He has not found my new location and I have been spared his showing up unexpectedly.

However I am on LinkedIN. I have it open to anyone because I am looking for another job. On Linkedin one can moniter who has been looking at your profile. In the last 3 months I have repeatedly had my ex’s former co-workers (at his real job) look at my profile. These are not my friends nor do they have any interest in my field. I am also getting random people from Primerica looking at my resume. Previously nobody from Primerica was looking at it. None of these people contact me, but they are looking.

I do have people in my field looking at my profile and I have gotten two job offers from the site. So it is useful for me to keep my profile on the site. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem? Can a motivated person find your address from LinkedIN? Thirdly why would an mlm want to keep track of an ex-girlfriend?

I am very aware of that fact

and that is why I have been a member here for months. This is exactly why I did not provide any information on the MLM I programs I was asking about….JUST SO people like you would not think I was promoting such a thing. Yet still I get an email response like this one as if……….. Why is everyone looking for a fight or reason to argue these days? Is this a market condition too? Everyone needs to be looking for a reason to piss someone else off is that the situation with you Hal?

I was asking if anyone else had gotten involved with such an MLM as this one? They mask it well as an MLM. Also, why the rampant Monavie discussions and tracking of the progress of Movavie and the daily updates on the program. It seems to me that this group needs to be more like AA and have a 7 step program or something because it actually appears that you have a bunch of Mona-Vie wannabes here. I mean, they are crazy with following the progress and different products and everything. Seems more like someone is promoting the program instead of trying to stay away from it.

My message was asking if anyone else had gotten caught up in Real Estate MLMs like I did.

My new message is asking I guess “does anyone talk about anything other then Mona Vie

My comment is….please re-read my message and don’t reply to me like I did something wrong for asking about an MLM Program I have a question about.

What About Real Estate MLMs?

I got involved with the mortgage modifications, home loans, debt reductions, tax services MLM. The problem was not about getting paid and what a surprise it is to actually invest no money and get paid let me tell you….. (to be clear, I get paid) however the problem quickly became that the market is flooded with these types of MLMs and it is really difficult to get clients when there are thousands upon thousands of these services. They are like cookie cutter MLMs these days with everyone suffering in this economy.

So do I slam the MLM for charging me no money, giving me a free website, giving me all the free forms and assistance needed for free? Or is this REALLY the case that they all tell you up front. The case that I myself am not doing my job well? It is a huge stress for me.

Again, they have paid me for what I have done and provided everything free EXCEPT for advertising which I have been left to figure out on my own. (my expected contribution) So the exact case is that I get paid but I can not get paid enough because I suck at promotions I guess…. (funny but true)

I welcome all responses…just not angry ones. I am a well educated guy who is just beating himself up for not being good at sales marketing.