What About Real Estate MLMs?

I got involved with the mortgage modifications, home loans, debt reductions, tax services MLM. The problem was not about getting paid and what a surprise it is to actually invest no money and get paid let me tell you….. (to be clear, I get paid) however the problem quickly became that the market is flooded with these types of MLMs and it is really difficult to get clients when there are thousands upon thousands of these services. They are like cookie cutter MLMs these days with everyone suffering in this economy.

So do I slam the MLM for charging me no money, giving me a free website, giving me all the free forms and assistance needed for free? Or is this REALLY the case that they all tell you up front. The case that I myself am not doing my job well? It is a huge stress for me.

Again, they have paid me for what I have done and provided everything free EXCEPT for advertising which I have been left to figure out on my own. (my expected contribution) So the exact case is that I get paid but I can not get paid enough because I suck at promotions I guess…. (funny but true)

I welcome all responses…just not angry ones. I am a well educated guy who is just beating himself up for not being good at sales marketing.

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