I am very aware of that fact

and that is why I have been a member here for months. This is exactly why I did not provide any information on the MLM I programs I was asking about….JUST SO people like you would not think I was promoting such a thing. Yet still I get an email response like this one as if……….. Why is everyone looking for a fight or reason to argue these days? Is this a market condition too? Everyone needs to be looking for a reason to piss someone else off is that the situation with you Hal?

I was asking if anyone else had gotten involved with such an MLM as this one? They mask it well as an MLM. Also, why the rampant Monavie discussions and tracking of the progress of Movavie and the daily updates on the program. It seems to me that this group needs to be more like AA and have a 7 step program or something because it actually appears that you have a bunch of Mona-Vie wannabes here. I mean, they are crazy with following the progress and different products and everything. Seems more like someone is promoting the program instead of trying to stay away from it.

My message was asking if anyone else had gotten caught up in Real Estate MLMs like I did.

My new message is asking I guess “does anyone talk about anything other then Mona Vie

My comment is….please re-read my message and don’t reply to me like I did something wrong for asking about an MLM Program I have a question about.

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